Protection Policy

Insurance of your security

Tangiers is a social club. Our security strategy is carefully implemented.

This security strategy clarifies how we measure your own information on this site.

Information duty and contact data

Tangiers is the information regulator for the preparing of the individual information that we get from you. Our contact subtleties are the accompanying:

[email protected]

You are free to get in touch with us should you have any inquiries with respect to our preparing of your own information.

superspinny is situated in California, US. We claim all authority to make changes to our Privacy Policy and any such changes will become taking effect right now.

We measure the accompanying information about you

We may handle the accompanying individual information about you:


Email address

Telephone number

Client ID



Log documents about your conduct on the site, including pages you have visited on the space.

Time stamp



Date of birth

Other treat date that may contain actually recognizable information.

Reason and lawful reason for preparing


The purpse with our handling of your own information is the accompanying:

To advertise offers that are introduced on this site and to send bulletins, on the off chance that you have given your assent.

To deal with client assistance related requests.

Examination of on-page exercises and the guests’ utilization of the site.

To forestall programmer assaults.

At the point when you utilize the site we gather individual information from you. You can’t utilize the site without us gathering some close to home information about you, which you are seen about in the spring up assent structure when you visit the site the first run through. The individual information we gather from is your conduct on the site. For instance, which pages you visit, when, how long, and your IP-address. IP-delivers are gathered to screen any unpredictable traffic designs and is a significant apparatus for us in forestall programmer assaults. Besides we can square guests if their IP-addresses show that they are in an area with betting limitations.

We just cycle your own information in the degree important to satisfy the reasons portrayed above, for which the information is gathered.

Legitimate premise

We are committed to illuminate you about the lawful reason for handling your information, which is the accompanying:

That you have offered agree to the preparing, cf. Databeskyttelsesforordningen (Data Protection Regulation) article 6, section 1, point a.

That the preparing of individual information is made regarding forestalling programmer assaults dependent on an adjusting of interests that goes before your fundamental rights and opportunity right, cf. (Data Protection Regulation) article 6, section 1, point f.


Profiling is characterized as “any type of programmed preparing of individual information that comprises of utilizing individual information to assess certain individual information with respect to the individual’s work, financial circumstance, wellbeing, individual inclinations, interests, reliability, conduct, topographical position or developments.”

We utilize programmed choices, hereunder profiling to characterize target bunches dependent on geological areas and interests. The profiling is occurring dependent on you having communicated enthusiasm for betting by visiting this site. From now on you can hope to be introduced for pennants on different sites, similarly as you might be introduced for adverts on Facebook and other online media channels we use to arrive at our objective audience(s). Moreover it will be enrolled wherefrom you access this site, and the geological area may impact how we make crusades. We will target crusades to explicit geographic areas in the occasion we dependent on aggregate profiling information can presume that there is a major enthusiasm for our promoting in explicit urban communities/regions.

Where your own information originates from

It is enrolled when you interface with us either by visiting this site straightforwardly or in a roundabout way. This could be by cooperating with our Facebook page or on the off chance that you have joined on the site’s mailing list. This can prompt you being given focused on advertising advertisements.

All information originates from the enlisted. For the situation that you have communicated with our image on Facebook then Facebook goes about as a go between the enlisted and us, since we get the information through Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t give us by and by recognizable information about you when we utilize their foundation other than the laid out sorts of individual information in passage 3, except if you effectively connect with our image on Facebook.



We send your information to outsiders on the off chance that we have gotten your unequivocal agree to do as such or on the off chance that it is important so as to satisfy a genuine intrigue. These outsiders are recorded beneath: Authorities to the degree we are submitted by enactment.

Information processors

We will move your own information to beneficiaries outside the EU and EEA.

The exchange will be to the accompanying U.S.- based associations: also, Campaign Monitor. Moreover an exchange of individual information will happen.

The EU Commission has settled on a choice fair and square of security of individual information and in this apparently the degree of security in the U.S. isn’t adequate. Nonetheless, the EU Commission has established that associations situated in the U.S. are ‘protected regions’, on the off chance that they have joined the EU-U.S. Protection Shield understanding.

The EU Commission considers a sheltered third nation.

We move information to following U.S.- based associations that are a piece of the Privacy Shield understanding:

The exchange of individual information to Campaign Monitor Ltd. is as per the EU Commission’s Standard Contract.


Your own information is just put away as long as it is important to satisfy the reason except if other is requested in agreement to enactment, hereunder particularly the bookkeeping law’s principles on putting away bookkeeping records for a long time, just as the current year.

Log documents, including IP-addresses, is put away for a long time before they are erased. Google Analytics information is put away for 26 months before they are erased.

Your privileges

Contact data, in the event that you need to utilize your privileges

In the event that you wish to utilize the rights expressed beneath you should get in touch with us through the contact data recorded in the head of this protection strategy.

Right to knowledge (see individual information): You reserve a privilege to get understanding in the individual information about you that we cycle just as some of extra data. The admittance to knowledge must not disregard others’ privileges and opportunity rights.

Right to adjustment: You reserve a privilege to get false close to home information about you revised.

Right to cancellation of individual information: In unique cases you reserve the option to get individual information about you erased before the overall course of events of the erasure happens.

Right to limitation of handling: sometimes you reserve the privilege to get the preparing of your own information confined. On the off chance that you reserve the privilege to get the preparing limited, we may just handle the information – aside from putting away – with your assent, or if legitimate prerequisites request it, or to secure an individual or significant open interests.

Option to communicate (information conveyability): When our preparing of your own information depends on assent or an agreement and the handling happens naturally information movability is your right. This correct involves that you reserve the option to get the individual information sent to you in an organized, ordinarily applied and machine-discernible configuration that you reserve the option to communicate to another specialist co-op.

Right to complaint: at times you reserve the option to make protest against our generally lawful handling of your own information. You should question our preparing of your own information to coordinate showcasing.

Option to pull back assent: If we base our handling on your assent you reserve the option to pull back your agree to us preparing of your own information totally or mostly. The withdrawal of your assent won’t impact the authenticity of the handling that we have directed before the withdrawal of assent. In the event that you pull back your assent it will just become effective from the snapshot of the withdrawal.